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Where did the time go? I haven’t been on Tumblr in forever, super busy these past couple of months. I promise to try and photoset more often! We went to Jubilations Dinner Theatre for my man’s Christmas party last night and it was so much fun! I got to go on stage as additional cast and everything! I recommend it to anyone who is visiting Calgary! The Cowboys game starts in an hour so I’m going to create some photosets while I wait. Take care!



Shoe Party

I’m going to a shoe party tonight, a first. I’ve been to a tupperware party, an ugg-boot party, a jewellery party, a purse party and a sex-toy party (which was an experience). What I understand about this party is after closing hours at Chinook, Town Shoes is having a private thing with discounts and wine. I know maybe two people that will be there, I have a feeling I’ll be the youngest woman in the room. Is it bad that I’m only going for the goodie-bags they promised? Because I can’t afford shoes on my budget, no matter what the price. Cat litter isn’t cheap. I might try on some Hunter rubbers though, I want a pair so badly.

I’m going to spend a half hour deciding what colour I want to paint my nails now.


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